Saturday, 18 July 2009

Watercolour & Ink.

I was inspired when I saw a sketch  2009 by Caio Fernandes. So here is what I produced.


  1. Nice art, nicer lines! Keep at it!!!

  2. oh Rebekah !!! it is such unfair !!! now i got with no words .
    you gave wonderful colors to this .
    take the canvas of my heart ... and light the way is realy beaultiful .
    you are so full of life !!
    and you have a pretty leter too , if one day i post the way i write with hand . ... it would spoilt any work .
    water colour is very hard for me to work . you made it very well . i like more the central image .
    now i feel glad . you gave me a very special gift .you are very generous . thank you Becky !!!
    ( still with no words to express how i feel .)

  3. That's great

    Music without sound just emotion in motion

  4. Looks simple but very profound. Words and art alive!