Sunday, 31 May 2009


I have posted this on 'Address The Naked' Blog.

I wrote this when I was writing so many poems. I really felt on a roll and then I read it all back and it was filled with cliche and drivel. I then wrote the poem below. The same words flowing from someone else's pen feels like touching heaven and I make them sound like a nursery rhymes. This was birthed out of frustration. I will return to it and work on it again so this is merely the first draft but I hope my frustration inspires you to pick up a pen.

This is the death of my words.
The end of this song.
Exposed the soul.
Smeared my heart on this page.
Platitudes and pity offered at my feet.
They stick in like knives.
Wit escapes my lungs and leaves self-indulgent babble.

The hands delve into the wound and cut and slice to get at the heart.
Pulling it away and throwing it into a metal tray.
The empty shell left to burn.
The heart then used to bring life to someone else.
Their wit and charm bring new existence.
The blood rushes through the veins and dances with power and influence.
I kneel down and sprinkle the ashes I have left.

His Abundance

see his depth
reach right in
to the deepest part
gently fingers dance
tentatively searching
searching for the core
the truth of who he is
not the perception so blatant

i dream of the depth of us
the who we could be
not the emergent
nor the puerile
but the us - the us evolved
the fully grown

our sacred promise shared
the words softly spoken
the heart overflowing in two words
the completeness
the unsaid
the hopes and dreams
the two hearts held in one truth

my heart drenched with you
our hands interwoven in "I Do"

a never ending circle
a promise to grow together
the knowledge it won't be easy
the truth that it will get hard
the understanding of harsh life
but the assurance that everyday we will try till our life departs

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Naked Creativity

I wrote this and posted it on the "Address The Naked" Blog. It is an exploration of creativity.

I want to leave something that lasts.

Paint a masterpiece.

Construct my art.

I want the world to gaze at the beauty

that pours from my heart.

The eloquence of my expression.

The creation that I long to impart.


I want to encapsulate all of creation

with just one photograph.

Make real what is abstract.

Words to edify and enrich,

holding unfathomable impact.

To resonate with the soul

and keep creativity intact.


I want to destroy the constructs of mediocrity.

Build beauty out of the rubble.

Eliminate clichés from the start.

Strip away at the façade.

Forcing convention to depart.

Leave only the naked truth.

The truth of art.


I long to show you the light that I saw in your eyes.

The light, the hope, and the love you do not see.

I felt a wash of sadness wave over and touch my soul.

I want to set you free.

I want to reach into the deepest part of your heart.

Touch the deep scares that reside there.

Your wounds they are familiar to me.

The scars that have been untouched by human hand since their conception.

I feel like I have the key to unlock the life inside of you.

But I know it cannot be me.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I Forgot Myself.

When I started this blog I wrote something to inspire and get people started on creating so I thought I would show you mine.

The light faded and all was dark. For just one moment it was as if it had never happened.

Slipping through worlds.

Memories tumbling.

How would it have been if I had known?

How should it have been if I could have paused?

I wish I could return.

I knew better but I forgot myself.


Face flushed

Temperature rising

Adrenaline racing

Teetering on the edge

Now I’m falling

Ground approaching

Panic sets in

What have I done?


Lying in my ditch

Bruised and battered

Wet with tears and fear


Jerked into reality

Eyes cloaked in sleep

Darkness fades

Light returns

It felt like a dream

For just one moment it was as if it never happened. 

Monday, 18 May 2009

Words Awaken!!

This is another of the words I love.

The word is: phenomenal (fi-NOM-uh-nl) Adj.
Meaning: Highly extraordinary or exceptional.

Upon Waking

Have you ever woken from a dream and it freaked you out? Not because it was scary but because of what it revealed about you was scary. It could mean nothing or it could mean everything. The question itself is what scares you. It could be like when you dream about death it means birth or does it just mean death?

I wrote this still half asleep.

Shaken to my core

Sleep still in my eyes

Scared of what it means

Searching for the truth

Slowly coming round

Steadying my nerves

Soon I will forget

Should I face the truth?

Monday, 11 May 2009

Today I Say I Do

It has been soooo long since I last posted something.

It has been a busy season. I have gotten into Uni studying Psychology (starting Sept). I just hope I can get the funding so I can go.

As I haven't posted anything I have written for some time I thought I would post the poem I wrote for Mel and Karl's Wedding. I was so pleased to be a part of their special day.

So here it is:

Today I say I do

Today our love dances on the wind

Enamoured by words breezing through.

Our dreams will flourish into life

As the future comes into view.


Today the secrets of my soul pour forth

Our joined destiny we now pursue.

Your love found me, then moved me

And now your love has made me new


Today mouths are speaking

What our hearts breathed true.

In the reflection of your eyes

Who I’m becoming is imbued


Today my heart is given freely

And I have entrusted it to you.

A myriad of moments interwoven

Our vows we now accede to.


To shelter from within, I do

To walk beside you, I do

To laugh till we cry, I do

To be your friend, I do

To edify with my words, I do

To speak sweet truth, I do

To express my heart, I do


All I can say is, thank you.