Friday, 10 July 2009


I'm lost in myself.
I long for the freedom.
The me I want to see.
My mind swirls with wonder.
Always a new surprise.
The life that it would be.
No mundane.
No monotony.
No expectation.
No responsibility.
Just as I get lost in wonder.
Your face flashes in my mind.
Your eyes sparkle at me.
To have you in my life.
I realise it's worth the cost.
This is what is truly free.


  1. this is really freedon . i wish all could see motherhood like this .

  2. I can feel the need for "read freedom" here. Nicely done! Keep writing!!!

  3. Hiya !

    Freedom......may be yuh can find one of the post in my blog as well...

    Liked it !


  4. Freedom is sacrifice.
    To give up what you want to do so you can be free to do, what you want you to do.
    Freedom is the pleasure of doping what you want even when you are not doing it.